We sell and service all brands of pool pumps, including the latest variable speed pumps, filters, salt generators, pool covers, safety fences, heat pumps and gas heaters.
Pool Covers
A solar bubble pool cover provides an inexpensive way to magnify sunlight to heat the pool and reduce heat loss at night.
Safety Fences
Is your pool child safe? If not we can install a pool fence of exceptional strength, safety, and beauty. The fence can be installed in a removable, permanent, or semi-permanent configuration to meet all code requirements.
Benefits of a safety fence include:
  • Tightly woven mesh prevents tiny fingers and toes from climbing.
  • Prevent toys from passing through or under the fence keep your child's attention focused on the safe side of the fence
  • Mesh is very transparent allowing clear supervision of all pool activities as well as enjoyment of your pools beauty.
  • Keeps your pool cleaner!. The mesh prevents leaves and other debris from blowing into the pool. This reduces pool maintenance.
  • The fence will conform to any pool shape enabling you to maximize the amount of usable patio sapce.